About us


Our goal is to create immortal street fashion with a fresh cultural heritage.

Bear Supply, the premium streetwear brand was established in 2012 by Tommy Archer, founded in the attic of his home in Essex, UK. Fed up with carbon-copy fashion trends, Tommy walked out on the ‘9 to 5’ life venturing into the world of apparel printing and customisation focused on creating a bedroom enterprise with a homegrown brand of clothing. The distinctive panda logo started life as a doodle on the back of an exercise book, only for years later to serve as the iconic print that started the entire story. Since collaboration with headwear giant Starter®, Bear Supply has outgrown the attic and the ever-expanding range of premium pieces can be seen on the streets of London, the USA, and Tokyo.

Worn by pioneering celebrities from hit Dutch producer Diztorion, to rap and Hip Hop superstar Lil Jon, the brand has rooted itself in its own new wave culture that celebrates skill, hustle, and achievement – opposing the current trashy social media climate. Driven by quality and an attention to delivering a positive message through its social platforms, the brand is set on shaking up the street fashion landscape whilst representing a culture of self-awareness and personal development. We believe in the ability to innovate and upgrade is fundamental to survival.

E V O L U T I O N .

The Founder

“Things change. You have to be able to consistently adapt to work out what drives you, and what’s holding you back. The ability to switch ‘I Can’t!’  to ‘Why Can’t I?’  forces you into problem solving mode – and that’s where innovation is born. That’s where we can evolve.”

Tommy Archer